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I can answer questions on the benefits of journal-writing; how to arrange material; whether to organize tightly or just let it all out; writing for the future; how to keep going, etc.

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I have enjoyed journaling for many years. There is really no special technique to it, but still questions are often asked, and I enjoy responding to them.

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I am doing Volume 97 of my journal now - I hope to make 200!

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

My sister taught me to keep my journals lively and interesting by including photos, cartoons and other artwork I admire, recipies I mean to try someday, pithy sayings, etc. I also do some work on my novels in my journal. Truly a journal can be almost anything but most of all it should be fun.

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I watched CourtTV and CNN through the war in Afghanistan and kept careful notes on what was going on. Who knows? My journal may be "prime historical material" one day!

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2004-09-20 Direct quotes and Paraphrasing:

Dear Robin:    You have raised some interesting questions which I believe will be of interest to many writers.    Here are the "rules" for quotes:    1. Original material from yourself does not use quotes

2004-05-14 looking for help in writing a memior:

Dear Toniann:    What a lovely name you have!     As for your question, it was a little hard for me to figure out just what it was due to sketchy punctuation - " character has two sets of parents

2003-12-08 Journal History Project:

Dear Lisa:    I am not sure I understand what you mean by "citations," but if you are planning to include in your paper direct quotes from any source, you should cite them, yes, that is, give credit by


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