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Susan Gross, PsyD, LP, CAADC

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General psychology questions and assignments; Substance abuse and addiction; Depression and anxiety; Adolescents and adults

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Licensed Psychologist - Adolescent and adult psychologist with extensive experience in addiction, depression, and anxiety; Adjunct Professor, psychology


American Psychological Association (APA), Birmingham Bloomfield Community Coalition (BBCC), Cranbrook Alumni Association, University of Michigan Alumni Association


PsyD, Clinical Psychology LP, Licensed Psychologist MA, Humanistic and Clinical Psychology BA, Psychology CAADC, Certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor Internationally Certified Advanced Alcohol & Drug Counselor

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Recent Answers from Susan Gross, PsyD, LP, CAADC

2012-01-18 Acne and Its Psychological Effects:

Hi Amy,    This is tough to answer because just like the lingering physiological scars from Acne (depending on the severity and duration), the psychological effect is different for each individual. Adolescence

2009-12-02 Kinesics/Body Language:

John,  Look at the work of Paul Ekman, PhD. He's written over 15 books and is the psychologist profiled on the CBS series, "Lie to Me."  He has an extensive website.  Also, look at the work of Julius Fast!

2009-10-05 interview ^^:

This is an answer that I submitted for other students asking these questions.  Hope they help!    1. What does Psychologist do?      Simply put, a psychologist helps people feel better by helping them

2009-10-02 Therapy issue:

Okay, take a deep breath.  It's hard for me to give advice about someone I don't know and a relationship I haven't been able to observe myself.  Your getting upset with Jodie is a good thing; a really

2009-08-21 industrial psychology:

Hi.  Here are four different journal articles related to your topic.  Good luck!    http://web


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