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My area of interest is in personality and abnormal psychology. In addition to basic personality and abnormal psychology, I am fascinated with sexual and gender identity disorders.

Experience in the area

This is my major area of study and I have hands-on experience with teens & adults.

Life Experience
What follows is my general biography. After all, who we are affects our opinions and even our statements of fact.

I hold a AS from Eastern Conn. State Univ. and a BA from Trinity College, Hartford Ct. both in Psycology. I also have 11 other professional certifications.

I have received 31 awards for various activities. My writings have been published in ?The Other Voice? and other publications. I had my original music published, licensed and recorded by David Kaye. I was a guest on CyberRadio & TV and many other talk radio programs. I welcome interviews and I am willing to act as a technical advisor to various media.

I am single and have resided in Hartford, Ct. since 1976. I have no children. I am a political conservative with libertarian leanings and a registered Republican. I am a Roman Catholic.

I have worked in the following areas, entertainment, real estate, mortgage banking, and human services. I have owned 2 businesses. Some of my interests include politics, law, history, and current events.Hobbies I partake in include music, target shooting and cars (my Camaro rumbles)

If you wish to find out more about me, feel free to visit my web page PEZmans World.
I am now retired (yes I am young, no I did not win the lottery) I consider Allexperts my full time job in a way.

You can find me in many other areas of

Current Events: U.S.
U.S. Politics
Legislation, Presidential & Congressional Politics
Military Policy & Weapons
Military History
U.S. History
Supreme Court Cases
Crime & Law Enforcement Issues & Death Penalty
Miscellaneous, Serial Murder, Rape, Arson and other sexually motivated crimes
2nd Amendment and Right to Bear Arms
Guns, Firearms, Projectile Weapon Sports
Conspiracies & Extremism
Careers: Music
Hartford, Ct.
Trinity College, Hartford, Ct.
Eastern Connecticut State University

What do you like about this subject?

In addition to basic personality and abnormal psychology, I am fascinated with Sexual and Gender Identity Disorders as defined in section 302 in the DSM-IV. People do the strangest things!

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

I would like get an understanding of why people with proper meds who could lead a normal life, refuse to take their medications.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

In terms of human sexual behavior, there is a fine line between a little spice, mental illness and criminal behavior.

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

Any person who follows a religion (myself included) could be diagnosed as mentally ill in the DSM-IV.

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