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I am able to answer questions about specific games, trades, player run-ins with the law, and statistics (specifically raw numbers). I date back strongly to the mid-80`s and even more so in the present. I have visited many stadiums (15 as of July 2001) and followed the Mets throughout. Insider information from Mets players, coaches and broadcast personnel from previous contacts.

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Recent Answers from Chris Caputo

2015-06-23 seats and gift:

Not sure of the best seats to sit. I have only been a few times. I like to walk around and experience things. There is some shade lower levels of the outfield. The lower seats are good for night games

2009-04-30 Win/Lose Songs:

I believe they are the same for win/loss. If you hear New York State if Mind, it's a bad game. I went for one game and 7th inning is the same with Take Me out to the Ballgame and then Lazy Mary.  They

2004-10-23 What's wrong with interviewing Backman?:

Supposedly mets are upset with backman for interviewing with small market clubs last year and since he is coaching outside the organization, they feel someone with better credentials will get the team

2003-01-08 3rd base:

either ty wigginton will platoon will some cheap free agent... or the mets will trade for Shea Hillebrand. Seems they made trade prospects or lower tier players to expos for Bartolo colon and then ship

2002-08-01 waiver wire:

I team can put anyone on regular waivers just to see interest. If the Mariners try to claim Alfonzo, for example, the Mets can later pull him back. There is a $20,000 fee for trying to acquire a player


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