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History of the band, their music, lyrics, instrumentation, touring, hits, chart activities, and just about everything else in between.

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President of REO FANS, the band's largest international fan club, and REO fan for over 45 years, having attended hundreds of concerts all over the world.


Editor & Publisher of REO FANS NEWS


Washburn Law School

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With a 40+ year photographic history of the band, one of her photos was selected to appear on the band's 25th anniversary t-shirts. She was also featured on VH-1's "Rock Collectors," where her rock photography was displayed.

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Patrick03/31/1710Thanks for your response; but my main .....
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Recent Answers from Kathy

2017-03-12 REO Tempe Arizona - 1967:

Hi Patrick!      When REO Speedwagon was formed in the Fall of 1967, there were just four members: Alan Gratzer (drums), Neal Doughty (keyboards & organ), Joe Matt (lead guitar & lead vocals) and Mike

2016-10-17 REO's "Ridin' the Storm Out" Single:

Hi Erin: REO Speedwagon's "Ridin' the Storm Out" LP with Kevin's original vocals on the title track was NOT released to radio stations prior to the album being released in December, 1973. Some members

2016-10-15 Certifications:

Hi Tommy: I can't independently verify this from the sources I have, but it wouldn't surprise me that Keep On Loving You sold at least 50,000 units in Australia at that time. Several songs from Hi Infidelity

2016-10-14 Certifications:

Hi Tommy: I've got a graphic which shows the chart activity and certification of virtually ALL of REO's songs, which is attached. Rather than go through them all, take a look and I'll be happy to answer

2016-05-03 Early days of REO and Uncle Ottos General Store:

Hi Joe: Good to hear from you!  When I interviewed Alan at his Mona Lisa Café, he also thought Red Lion tapes existed. I've heard a couple of purported tapes over the years, but the quality was always


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