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Been a fan of DVD as long as I have known about television, it seems... I know most of the episodes well enough to know where the laughs are going to come... Can even identify seasons by the opening credits (the ottoman fall, the ottoman skip-aside, the file folder of photos, etc...). I`ll give your question a shot...

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Just a rack of videotapes and a lifetime admiration for one of the funniest shows on television...

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Kenneth D. Schwartz10/22/071010Thank you! I know that it was .....
Trish07/06/07101010Thank you so VERY much for the .....
Frank03/23/07101010i thank you very much.
Catherine11/28/06101010Thank you SOOO much for your help .....
Gumhead Godfrey07/21/04101010Thanks so much. I have long recalled .....

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2010-10-22 Jerry Lanning (Randy Twizzle):

Bobby,    The other song was called, "This Nearly Was Mine" and it is from the "South Pacific" soundtrack... the stage version... I doubt there is a recording of Lanning singing it anywhere, but you can

2008-12-16 sally rogers:

Robyn...    The song was one of Rose Marie's standards, called "I Wish I Could Sing Like Durante." I can't find a listing of the song in print, but you might luck up and find it in some garage sales or

2008-04-14 irene van dyke:

Iyana,     Irene Van Dyk has nothing to do with Dick Van Dyke, the American actor...     But, Irene Van Dyk first came to promenence with Netball in 1994. Check this link, maybe it can tell you more..

2007-12-27 harmony:

Hi, Jayne...    Episode 10, season 2 - The Secret Life of Buddy and Sally... Rob gets curious when Sally and Buddy keep vanishing on weekends... so he follows them to a resort in the Catskills, and finds

2007-10-17 Alan Brady:

Hey, Ken...    Not to my knowledge, there isn't... DVD's Brady was a New Yorker, Mike Brady was a California man... there was never a reference to either on the other's show... and there was never, to


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