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I can answer about printing on vellum and other media; adhesives-including making your own adhesive dots, removing adhesive, paint and ink safely from hands and tools; using your computer and printer, making your own embellishments, frugal scrapping & crafting. You can my many "how-To" videos full of tips and tricks at

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I market "Magically Perfect Crafting Products" to solve some of crafters' most difficult challenges. My products include The Best Cleaner Ever™, The Best Glue Ever™, Embellie Gellie™, The Perfect Crafting Pouch™, and the Perfect Cleaning Cloth™. I've been scrapbooking since 1999. I exhibit at international craft shows doing demos and creating displays. The Perfect Crafting Pouch was selected as a TOP 20 Innovation, and I received the Golden Press Award Runner Up in 2011.


CHA--Craft & Hobby Association (FORMER: 2003-2012)


Masters in Science; Teaching Degree in Math and Science.

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Award for Excellence in Teaching Science & Mathematics (Teacher of the Year)

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Recent Answers from Amy R.

2014-11-06 glue:

Super glue is not made for paper to plastic. I would recommend a very strong scrapbooking type adhesive. It is a challenge to bond paper permanently to a non-porous media but I would recommend you look

2013-11-05 photos stuck together:

If they are truly stuck together it will obviously be difficult. If the reason they are stuck is the chemicals in the photographs, then it will be even more challenging as they have started to join. Do

2013-07-23 1907-1910 Vassar College Scrapbook:

I think I'd contact the historical society again. Perhaps they were on vacation. People probably come and go. I'd actually call and if the person who answers kind is non-commital, I'd ask for a name of

2013-07-23 1907-1910 Vassar College Scrapbook:

Hello-  Very interesting question and not exactly my expertise BUT as someone who loves museums.... Of course, most people who treasure scrapbooks are the families involved. So to them it would be valuable

2012-12-24 Scrapbooking:

Why absolutely. In fact, I have one my grandmother made from cards her children and husband gave to her and it's priceless. Amazing to see how delicate and different commercial cards were back then!  


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