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I can answer scrapbooking questions related to paper, stamps, stickers, embellishments, ribbon, and more. I can also recommend products, brands, and the best stores to buy them at. I have been scrapbooking for several years now and can help any one from beginners to intermediate. I love to scrapbook and love to help others scrapbook. I would LOVE to help you answer any questions you might have :)

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I have scrapbooked for several years now and have taught classes

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2011-03-26 Suggestion:

Hi Katie     Without seeing the paper you are using this question is a little tricky to answer but i will give it a shot.     What I would recommend is using the multi colored polka dot paper to border

2010-05-12 Clear stamps:

Hi Helen     Thanks for the question     There are a couple different ways to clean stamps when you are done with them .    1. Using warm water with a little soap  2. In the scrapbooking area of your local

2009-10-19 10 x 13 pictures:

Hi Janice!     Thanks for the questions.     My best recommendation for that would be to look through some scrapbooking magazines/books. Some of these can get pricy so below are some different websites

2009-08-10 Lots of photos or Lots of embellishments??:

Hi Marypat   I apologise for not responding sooner; unfortunately I was having some computer troubles but thank you for the question and your patience. Anyways, onto answering your question, in my scrapbooks

2009-04-27 Scrapbooking:

Hi April   Thanks for the question!     Firstly, welcome to scrapbooking! I hope you find it an enjoyable and rewarding hobby! Any future questions you have I will be more than happy to answer!     In


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