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My area is in Starcraft Original and Brood War. Seasoned player, and can answer complex questions/tactics and propose counter attacks, solutions..etc Will help in whatever I can offer.

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Played since Starcraft Original. Seasoned player. Seen all sorts of tactics played and counters.
I've played with people at the top level and also entered different competitions, winning prizes as well. My speciality is more in the 1vs1 area, though I've participated in 2v2 and also 3v3 competitions before. I have also officiated the 1st World Cyber Games Competition (Singapore) in 2001.

What do you like about this subject?

Great game mann!! Most balanced RTS game I've ever played so far. And it is this, that makes the game still so popular after all these years.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

Did you know 4 Science Vessels can kill 30 Hydralisks, 4 guardians, 2 devourers, 12 mutalisks, 1 defiler, 8 marines...etc ??? Hey, it's my personal real-life xperiece from one of my games. Yea, i lost in a FFA ladder, and all I had left were but 4 Science VEssels, a dropship, some SCVS and 2 tanks. And 1 of my SVs had 100 kills at the end of the game.

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No matter how blizzard tries to balance the game, it still has some minute flaws...and u must know about these to play the game well.

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Yao10/29/09101010Great Information, clears the fog.
Tristan10/18/09101010Very fast, very clear response.
Douglas05/25/091010Thank you for your detailed response. I'll .....
MIKE12/09/081010ty and i hope that works peace .....

Recent Answers from Denny Lin

2010-10-22 terran build up:

Hi Shane,    Your question depends on various conditions, and most importantly what is your opponent doing. Use an SCV and scout your enemy early so you know if he is rushing you early or teching. If he

2010-10-22 defending:

Hi Lan,    The issue could be your initial build order. If you know that he is definately rushing... there are a few ways to counter that.    (1) pump out numerous zealots to fend off the rush.    (2)

2010-10-21 rushing:

Hi Shane,    Avoid committing full scale into a ling rush then. If you do, then yes you have put yourself into a situation of do or fail.  There are many other ways to start and attack, and you might want

2009-10-28 Starcraft Protoss Build Order:

Dear Yao,    I am presuming you are talking about the 6 zergling rush right?  I will prefer to go 1 pylon, gateway, 2nd gateway (or forge).      build the 1st zealot as soon as possible. Using this 1 zealot

2009-10-18 Mutalisk Rush:

Hi Tristan,    Mutalisks are "small unit type". Dragoon deals about 50% damage to them. Hydralisks too.  Therefore it is better to use other units to counter them specifically.    THere are a few things


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