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I can answer most questions about Age of Empires 2 and 3 as well as their expansions. I am also knowledgeable in Empire Earth 1 and 2, Civilization 3 and 4 and Rise of Nations.

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I have hosted LAN parties that contained a mix of these games over the past 6 years. I feel that I possess a vast knowledge of these games.


I do not believe that would apply here.

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jii05/26/08101010thanks very much great hope it works .....
mike03/19/08thanks, villagers seem to be my weak .....

Recent Answers from Clyde Johnny Jr

2010-04-25 Age of Empires 2 just plain won't run.:

The problem may be that it is looking for the disc in the E drive first. Try switching the disc and see if that makes a difference. If not, you can download a legal .exe fix for the game from http://www

2009-06-05 Carrying over user data:

In the My Documents folder under My Games, there should be a folder titled "Age of Empires III". You want to copy that folder over. What I have done in the past is to start a game and create a bogus home

2009-03-10 oval office:

If your have Windows Vista, you will need to download the latest DirectX version from Microsoft. Google DirectX and the first or second site will be Microsoft's Download Center. The latest version is the

2008-10-06 Query Re Age of Empires 2:

The expansion pack to AoE2 adds several more useful items that the base game doesn't have. More improvements and several new units and automations. One automation is that you can queue farms to be built

2008-07-12 PC:

Most likely not. The newer games that are released on DVD are usually region code protected. There may be some older games but to my knowledge, a UK DVD will not work in the US. The only way you MAY be


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