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I can answer just about any question about the Pirates or I can get you the answer. My knowledge goes back to the late 70s teams. If you have a question past that point, I will try my best to get you the answer.

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I live, eat, bleed baseball and the Pirates. I've been a Pirates fan since I was 7 (33 years ago!). I go to about 40 games a year and also travel to many games outside of Pittsburgh.


I grew up a Buccos fan.

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2009-09-10 world series games:

Back when baseball was just starting out, the owners were greedy...well...OK so that didn't change any! What the owners of the two teams in the World Series would do is decide amongst themselves how many

2009-05-02 Players who wore # 4 Jersey:

Lots of Pirates have worn number 4, the most famous being Ralph Kiner.  Here is the complete roster for number 4:    Pep Young 1940  Billy Cox 1941  Stu Martin 1941 - 1942  Huck Geary 1942 - 1943  Al Rubeling

2009-01-01 1958 original vest:

OK. We have a couple of problems:    1) That number was assigned to Ken Heintzelman from 1938-1939  2) It wasn't worn again until 1977 when Dale Berra got it  3) From 1939-1977 that number was not assigned

2008-07-18 best player:

This is a very subjective question. If you asked 100 Pirates fans you would get a 100 different players listed.    In early years it would have to be Ralph Kiner, then Roberto Clemente, in the 70's Willie

2007-07-08 1960 pirates pitcher:

Yes and no.  No there was not a pitcher that lost his control in the 60's. There was however a pitcher that played in the 60's and early 70's who lost his control and never got it back. His name is Steve


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