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I am a graduate and self studied/taught expert in answering specific questions about vintage Star Wars and GI Joe figures, vehicles and misc. collectables. The reference to Star Wars 'vintage', to me, refers to the items which appeared from 1977 to 1985. Notice this also refers to the elusive items which were produced for the two cartoon series productions. 'Vintage' GI Joe items include only the 12 inch / 1:6 height variety produced proir to 1980. In most cases I should be able to identify an item by description. For approximates on value I of course would need some decent photos.

Experience in the area

I have been a collector, buyer, seller and general fan, of vintage toys, for the last 30 years. My schooling and self study has included years of research and travel to various events. I have owned/still own numerous examles of many collections for study, research and comparison. I am still an avid trader, buyer and seller of these and several other high quality items.


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Professional Auctioneer. Certified Personal Property Appraiser. Certified Online/Internet, Charity/Fundraising and Real Estate Auctioneer.

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What do you like about this subject?

I enjoy the challenge of the questions that can arise. I have personnal interest because these were the types of items I grew up with.

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christopher11/18/14101010thanks i apprieciate the help
Brian10/24/13101010Thank you. Your answer was helpful.
Stephanie10/02/12101010Thank you! Thank you! What a relief .....
Phil08/25/12101010Thank you so much for your understanding .....

Recent Answers from David Michael

2015-06-13 He-man action figures:

Decent lot of weapons and other to pair with the figs.  Common figures but a good amount.  Should retail in the 100-125 range.  Many times the weapons sold separate will generate more money if that is

2014-11-18 misprinted power ranger:

Should be able to find a personal property appraiser pretty easily.  Your home owner/renter insurance agent may know where to send you.  Many auctioneers carry this designation as well.  Find one who knows

2014-11-18 misprinted power ranger:

Double error carded figure.  Neat piece.  The ranger with correct items carded in this condition might be worth 20 bucks or so. The black ranger coin is worth about 10 loose by itself.  The white ranger

2014-10-27 beast / monster: to help...need a little more if possible.  How old are you......about what year/s might this have been? How tall was the figure?  Might it have come with any other accessories?  Super hero

2014-10-09 original or repro weapons:

Hello...hard to say with no pics but the short answer is that most of the after market or fakes do not have any markings on them.  I am not sure if you are asking about a single or double telescoping model


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