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Mike the Talent Manager


An International Porn & Mainstream Talent Manager, Casting Director, Producer & Performer in the porn industry, Mike is the Senior V.P. of

As the most-veteran active expert in this AllExperts category, Mike is now accepting donations from questioners (see below, on his full profile). Suggested donation: $200, per question. He will take a maximum of two (2) questions per day.

Based in the San "Pornando" Valley in Los Angeles, CA, Mike is available to answer questions about the straight ("boy/girl") porn industry, or from adult females who want to get started in the ent. industry as a pornstar or crossover (porn + mainstream) star.

Serious FEMALES 18+ can apply online for management/promotion at the website above or or or

Mike can NOT answer questions from, or regarding, non-adults or people under the age of 18, or questions regarding the LGBT porn industry. No response from Mike should be construed as earnings/income claims/promises. Mike is not a lawyer or physician. Also, guys (age 18+) who want to get started in the porn business should refer female models to, but Mike DOES NOT ACCEPT QUESTIONS FROM non-donor aspiring MALE pornstars, scouts, or talent reps (agents, managers, etc.). These questions from non-donors WILL be rejected as spam.

HD Video - Entering the Adult Industry (Click link, then click "Set Age Gate OFF" to watch.)

Experience in the area

Mike began his career in the entertainment industry as a talent rep for a large, well-respected talent management Company for S.A.G. actors and fashion models. The Company has been in business for for about a quarter-Century (25 years).

In 2006, since the Company is based in the porn capital of the world (the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles), Mike suggested to the President of the Company that they open a division for adult film models. The President accepted, and Mike was put in charge of leading the new division. For the first few months, he went to work for a couple different porn producers to “learn the ropes” of the adult industry. In early 2007, the Company’s adult industry division ( opened its doors. Mike was named Senior Vice President.

Since that time,’s reputation and connections have grown immensely. is now considered to be the top talent management Company for new models in the North American porn industry, and the only adult talent management company capable of promoting its clients for “Crossover Modeling” (promoting its clients for mainstream acting, modeling, dance, and book authoring, in addition to promoting them for porn.)

Since 2007, Mike the Talent Manager has developed personal relationships with the presidents, casting directors, talent coordinators, production directors and “shot callers” of almost every legitimate producer of pornography in the United States. He also has relationships with talent agencies and industry-standard talent STD testing services within the adult film business. boasts the ability to introduce a brand-new model to the entire legitimate North American porn industry at the snap of Mike’s fingers, so to speak. Mike has also performed on camera in several porn films for various well-known production companies, and he has also begun his own production line as well.




Mike's Writing: Adult Industry News and several articles on's articles and information page

A recent exposé about porn model agencies

Mike the talent manager & mentioned / video and radio interviews: CaliFaces, LA Talk Radio, Adult Industry News


Internship at a top mainstream Hollywood talent management Company for actors and fashion models, 9 years of experience as the Senior Vice President of, several years of mainstream talent management experience before that, many on-camera performances (porn) and production experience (porn)

Past/Present Clients

Talent (porn): Bella Honey, Kya Tropic, Jaymie Lannen aka McKenzie Sweet, Priscilla Milan, Holly Zane, Asia aka AsiaXXX, Amber Stars, Lily Star, Megan Vaughn, Sugar, Ivy Longoria, Kylie King, Camilla Rose, Jennifer Stone, Cherry Blossom, Kendra Snow, LexXxi LaRue, Jada Silk, Harley Fire, Mike the Talent Manager, et al

Producers (porn): Penthouse, Anabolic, Diabolic, Reality Kings, Brazzers, Combat Zone, Bluebird Films, Erotique Ent., SCORE Group, West Coast Productions, Vince Vouyer, Zero Tolerance, Black Ice, and many others

What do you like about this subject?

Having sex with tons of hot chicks on a regular basis - as a job - legally and safely! Why would a straight single guy do anything else?

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