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I`ve quite some knowledge about Ancient Egypt. I have a modest collection of books on Ancient Eyptian history and if I don`t know the answer to a question I know some people how can answer it.

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The thing I like most about ancient Egypt are the gods of ancient Egypt and the Egyptian hieroglyphic language.

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2010-01-12 reading of Ħatshapsut cartouche:

Hi Eitan,    you are certainly on the right track. The cartouche reads: Hatshepsut  Who Loved Amon.    The name Amon you already correctly identified as the first three characters. The name Hatshepsut

2006-03-01 marriage in ancient egypt:

First of all, thanks for your question. Second, for this type of general questions please use a search engine like google before asking.    The following website has an excellent article on this subject:

2005-12-27 Meaning of "Coptic":

When egyptologists talk about coptic they mean the language spoken in Egypt from approximately AD 200 to 1600.    Coptic evolved from the ancient Egyptian language and is the last written form of that

2004-05-03 Ancient Egyptian Women:

The ancient Egyptians regarded family as something very important so the women were treated very well.  Although the man was the head of the household, women were regarded as totally equal to men. They

2004-05-02 eyes:

It sounds like you're referring to the Eye of Horus, also known as Wadjet.    The Wadjet is a symbol of the god Horus. According to Egyptian mythology, Horus lost his left eye in a fight with his brother


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