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I have an indeep knowledge of European history, expecially Ancient, Roman and Medieval history. I focus my attention on military history as well; I have access to a university library with many ancient books.

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Mainly through self study (other than my university studies in laws) I have acquired a good knowledge of the topic, which I enjoy further study.

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2011-02-14 Ancient Roman names:

Actually the meaning of crispus is very clear: a person with curly hairs. A barber specialized in curling hair was called cinerarius, and thus a (supposed) cognomen belonging to somebody working in the

2011-01-19 Ancient Roman names:

Hello,  the information Shoemaker gives about barbers in ancient Rome is correct, however I don't agree with his conclusion: "Thus, the etymological evidence and the zeitgeist of Greco-Roman culture suggests

2011-01-12 Ancient Roman names:

Hello,  the explanation about SS. Crispin's and Crispinian's names is true, with just one precisation: "Crispin and Crispinian were likely second, third or even fourth generation practitioners of the tonsorial

2010-10-01 Ancient History:

Hello,  St. Paul was a Roman citizen by birth.  It is not known how Paul's family acquired the Roman citizenship, some hypothesis are as follows:    - his ancestors, as hebrew citizens of Tarsus, were

2009-06-23 Race of Ancient Egyptians:

Hello,  actually applying modern notions of race (white, black, asian) to ancient Egypt is anachronistic, and about skin colour, the ancient Egyptians were neither black nor white: they had a fair/olive


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