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I can answer general questions about many animal rights topics, to include animals in entertainment, factory farming, vivisection & research, animals used for clothing, veganism, etc.

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I am a true animal lover. I started on my vegetarian path at the age of 12 and am vegan today. I believe we have abused our powers over animals and it is time we make some ethical changes. I choose to fight for animals because it is easier than just sitting around and watching the abuse continue to happen.


I am a volunteer member of several organizations to include; PETA, PCRM, Sea Shepherd, Farm Sanctuary, HSUS, MARC, and Grey2K. The closest organization to my heart is The Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary. This place is truly amazing and its run by some really cool compassionate people. You can check them out at


Many years caring for different species of animals.

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2014-05-08 Stopping Animal Abuse and Cruelty:

Hi Julian,    I agree there is much too much animal cruelty in this world. However, making decisions that affect animals in a positive manner is our first step to stopping these actions. For me it was

2014-05-07 Animal rights:

Hi David,  Great Topic to choose!    I think you ask great questions but they are general and the topic is enormous. I suggest that you narrow your topic and select an organization and write to them about

2014-05-06 Stopping Animal Abuse and Cruelty:

Hi Julian,    I am glad your birds are in a safe place and your do not need to put them through the stressful process of flying. Great news!    Thank You for caring about women, children and animals rights

2011-09-12 about the reply you sent to James in 3/26/2007:

Hi Connor,    That fact was taken from the website Unfortunately, they have changed the webpage since 2007. However, I'm sure if you write to them they will be able to give

2011-01-25 Interview?:

Hi Jenna,    I personally don't do interviews but I'm sure you can find someone at PETA who is willing to help. I have included a link to their contact page. You can look through the list and choose what


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