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Sirine Malas

Syrian Arab Republic

I can answer almost any question pertaining to Arabic culture. Especially middle eastern / Levant cultures. You can ask about language, dialect, customs, foods etc...

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Local Newspapers, Internet website like BBC Arabic, Arabic Short Story website


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Abbey09/24/15101010Thank you! Very grateful for you and .....
Abbey09/24/15101010Thank you so much, Mr. Mohammaed! What .....

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2016-10-18 symbolism:

Dear Adam,    Thanks for your question.     Well , generally tigers are regarded as vicious merciless animals you would use it as an example to indicate aggressiveness e.g. "She answered like a tiger"

2016-06-13 Hate:

Dear Crus,    This is a free service to answer one clear question. I still don't have that yet.    I haven't got time to exchange too many emails here. You are obviously not well informed about the region

2016-06-12 Hate:

Dear Crus,    I don't understand your question.The bit about Hitler I don't understand anything from.    I can see you made the assumption that Arabs hate Jews, which is not very accurate because many

2016-01-03 If a woman from the Middle East that:

Dear Questioner,    Your question is unspecific and too General to answer. There is a difference between social rules and customs, and those of the rulling Regimes and governments enforced by laws. So

2015-09-24 Eid:

Hello again Abbey,    I did get the first one thanks for the good rating and nomination I am glad I could be of help.     I am happy to help a teacher that cares so much for their student. I was a teacher


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