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Please don't ask questions about your personal problems i.e. between you and your life partner. You can ask me questions regarding comparative religion, modern culture and differences between Shia and Sunni sects of Islam. Please Visit

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I have studied Islam for more than Seven years.


I have no formal credentials to answer question on Islam except from my personal knowledge about Islam that I gained through books, teachers and Internet.I am student of MBBS at Army Medical College Rwalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan.

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agaa slepcikova01/18/10101010and if i will marry wiht sameone .....
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Amanda10/31/09101010Thank you so much for your input .....
Sita10/06/09101010Excellent,I respect it. Regards Sita

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2010-03-21 Interfaith Marriage:

Yes!  They are but scholars say that it better not to in these times. Others say as long as she teaches the children Islam then its okay but by experience and stories I have heard, it ruins the lifes of

2010-03-19 Conversion from Shia to Sunni and Sunni to Shia:

Bro!  Conversion from Sunni to Shia is NOT allowed in Islam. Because Shia are Non-Muslim according to many great scholars. The main reason for declaring them non-Muslim is that they have polytheist beliefs

2010-01-26 Converting to Islam & Nikah:

Wa alaikum assalam sister!  There is NO such period. You can marry even one hour after your conversion to Islam. But you can't marry any non-Muslim.  Check this site and subscribe to their newsletter,

2010-01-20 about love marriages:

Yes we can with many restrictions. Islam on principal basis does not like the mingling of man and woman. There are many Quranic verses and ahadith regarding it.   Allah says in the following Ayat that

2010-01-19 arab men:

Sister only he can tell you that what happened! NOT me. If he requests you to let him alone then let him alone for a while and then try to contact him later.  He might be angry with you if he had seen


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