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How Asian-Americans can behave in America and why it is a struggle to live in this world when people have family members who used to live/be raised in another country. I can also talk about Vietnamese American culture life since i struggle with it, even now i still do and how it's hard to live in a world with 2 or more identities.

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I was born in America and my parents are Vietnamese. I deal with their culture, family life, and a struggle to live in the world where people have 2 identities. A book that i recently read by Amy Tan was called "A Joy Luck Club" which is a series of short stories and one of her stories was called "A Pair Of Tickets". a recommendation to read it. it is good.


Bristol Eastern High School, graduated in 2006, now attending Eastern CT State University.

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Pia04/20/0710Thanks for your answer. I know it .....

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