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I can provide step by step instructions and video tutorials on how to self-administer joint pain relief to every area of the body, such as back, neck, jaw, hands, knees, etc. My website provides this service for free to any and all visitors. If you are willing to learn a few very simple techniques there is a very good chance I can show you how to relieve your own chronic joint pain.

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I have been relieving my patients chronic joint pain in my private practice for over 22 years and have worked on approximately 25,000 bodies. I am obsessed with achieving RESULTS for my patients. And have spent decades figuring out the simplest and most effective ways of getting people out of pain. My methods are based on the real world experience of what really works and what does not.


Stanford University, degrees in Economics and Political Science, 1987 Rolf Institute For Structural Integration, 1990 25,000 human bodies, and I've learned from every single one

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2017-04-21 quadratus lumborum pain:

Hello,    First, congrats on your recent progress.  I hope I can help you along even further.    It sounds like your quadratus lumborum is having to deal with a lot of changes, not just to the quadratus

2016-08-09 sever back pain:

Hello Julie,    The good news is that your SCT scans showed "nothing wrong" so most likely you just have some inappropriately tight tissue that needs to be released so the nerves that are being affected

2016-05-05 thank you:

Hi Sam,     Yes, I think my videos could help your friend.  Sometimes "torn" is not really torn, and of course sometimes it really is.  So if there is a real tear my techniques can certainly provide temporary

2016-05-02 Terrible pain in back neck and shoulder:

Hello Cardy,    Sorry to hear about your pain.  The good news is that what you have is very common, and can most often be fixed relatively quickly.    I don't know if it's time for a new pillow, if you

2016-01-22 spina/neck pain:

Hello Sandra,    I'm very sorry to hear about what you're going through.  I'll admit that it is a bit out of the ordinary, but I will offer what I know as something that might help.  The only way to know


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