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I can answer questions on the basic teachings, practices, and history of the Baha`i Faith and can provide information on diverse Baha`i groups (as the Orthodox Baha`is).

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I have personally studied the Baha'i Faith for over twenty years and published a reference book on the Faith entitled THE BAHA'I FAITH; AN HISTORICAL BIBLIOGRAPHY. I also hold a Masters degree in Theological Studies.




BA in Behavioral Sciences (Oral Roberts University)
MATS (McCormick Theological Seminary)
Further study, Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary

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Recent Answers from Joel Bjorling

2015-02-05 controlling:

Hi, Calvin:  Teaching the Faith is part of being a Baha'i.  Some Baha'is are more active at it than others.  Some choose to be "pioneers", who more actively bring the Faith to a community.  I have heard

2015-01-15 wealth:

All I can say is that a principle of the Faith concerns the excesses of wealth and poverty.  It doesn't seem to get discussed too much. I think Baha'is talk more about peace and unity than economics.

2014-12-09 guns:

In my experience with Baha'is, I have not seen them as evangelistic, though they are happy to talk to "seekers."  Being a Baha'i, as I have seen, is very much a personal choice.  I have heard of people

2014-12-09 guns:

The Baha'i is really an Iranian religion. It began in Tehran.  However, some of Baha'u'llah's writings, as THE HIDDEN WORDS, were in Persian.  Why that was, I don't know.  True, Naw Ruz is Persian and

2014-12-08 guns:

Hello, Calvin! Glad to hear from you!  That I know, there are no prohibitions about carrying or owning guns in the Faith.  However, there may be some directives from the Universal House of Justice about


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