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I shall love to answer to questions on general culture of Bengal, particularly one that is vibrant in and around Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal state of India. I may guide you about the basics of it. Further, I can discuss about teh very basics of a few components of it, like Music, literature, food, passtime, etc.

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Being a Bengali and being born and brought up in Kolkata teh hub of Bengali culture, I have partitipated in many events akin to Bengali culture. I had long association with a community Durga Puja that is the land mark of Bengali culture. I write prose in Bengali and I have formal training in Rabindra Sangeet, the most well known from of Bengali Music.


M. Sc. (Applied Geology), MBA

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2012-09-07 wht is bengal culture:

1. Most of the Bengalis love food. They area all foodies. It is a myth that they only eat fish and rice. They take everything on or underneath the earth. They also love to chat (which is called "adda"

2010-03-19 Belonging in different cultures:

It is a very interesting question. I belong to India. And India is a country where main theme of survival is "Unity in Diversity.    When we talk of "unity" we talk of unity as a nation - essentially derived

2009-12-01 What does Sanskrit Anandasagara become in Bengali?:

Dear Birrell,  I feel honored to answer such questions.  In fact, Bengali (like many other Indian Languages, including Gujrati)is directly derived from Sanskrit. Pronunciation, however, is different in

2009-06-26 introduction of girlfriend to Bengali parents:

Although Bengalis are considered the most unorthodox people among the Indians, the same may not hold always true for a Bengali Muslim family. As you know, a tinge of Muslim philosophy add different spice

2009-06-25 introduction of girlfriend to Bengali parents:

NO. IT IS NOT TRUE.   It is evident from the false statement that the boy is shaky about the relationship. The reason may be several. Some of the possibilities are    1) In case he is a Bengali Muslim


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