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I`ve lived in the Burlington area since 1961. I can answer questions about the Greater Burlington area, The Burlington music and performing arts scene, Vermont, Chittenden County, Burlington Discover Jazz Festival (I sit on the board), Real Estate (I`ve been a Realtor since 1988 and a Certified Buyer Representative since 1995), Skiing (I grew up skiing and have taught skiing professionally since 1986).

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I can email comprehensive custom MLS listing data sheets with multiple photographs and information. These can be followed up with automatic email notification of New listings within specified criteria. Numerous written references from Real Estate Clients and Relocation packages provided upon request.

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I adore Burlington VT. It's a vibrant community where people still count and a there's a sense of real community. One can enjoy Lake Champlain, world class performing arts, sensational parks, a lakefront hands-on children's science museum, and a vital downtown, and even do it all on foot. Montreal is a short drive and Boston's only 3.5 hours away.

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2012-09-23 Various Questions:

Hi Sean    Thank you for your service to the country!    I like to travel too, and one of the great things about Burlington is that getting to a number of interesting places is easy. Montreal, Boston,

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John - Please forgive me, but I'll have to leave it to others to tell you WHEN the foliage is. Fortunately there are dozens of interactive VT foliage websites and resources.     I CAN suggest a drive,

2011-07-29 Pet-friendly short term rental:

Hi Ashley -    I feel your pain: I was a renter with a dog for years once upon a time. It's really difficult.    Having said that - You'll find something. There is a needle in that haystack somewhere.


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