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My specialty is freezer cooking for expectant parents. I can answer questions about freezer cooking in general (what will/won't freeze well, how long can something be frozen for, what is a good freezer recipe for a particular ingredient or cuisine etc.) and I can also help expectant moms put together a freezer cooking plan based on their own situation (energy level, trimester etc.)

Experience in the area

I have created and tested 100s of my own freezer recipes, and I implemented a freezer cooking plan for myself during each of my three pregnancies. After the birth of my third child, I had enough freezer food stocked up to last until my daughter was nine months old.


Fiery Foods & Barbecue; Air & Space Smithsonian; Metro Newspapers; E-Magazine;;; Canter Magazine


College educated; bachelor's degree in magazine journalism. Self published author, freelance writer and former magazine publisher.

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2015-03-08 Freezing smoothies in mason jar:

Hi Aylesha, technically you could freeze a smoothie, but I don't think I would do it because the texture after it's been in the freezer wouldn't be quite right. It would probably get kind of frosty and

2014-09-28 Freezing Ham Salad:

Mayo doesn't typically freeze well, but the less of it there is, the less you'll notice any quality issues. If you make a ham salad with light mayo you may not notice a difference between the flavor of

2010-06-16 premade casserole:

Casseroles can be frozen before or after baking, though I prefer to bake them on the day I serve them. I do, however, cook many of the ingredients before freezing, which hastens the baking time. I will

2010-05-14 Freezing Macaroni salad with Miracle Whip on it.:

Dear Connie,    Thanks for your question. Anything is safe to eat after freezing, as long as it is kept at 0 F and is put in the freezer when fresh. In theory, you can keep food indefinitely in a freezer

2009-08-20 Freezing Veggies:

Hello Alex, thanks for the question. Your answer is a resounding "sort of."    Most vegetables freeze acceptably well, with exceptions being leafy greens like lettuce. But all food will lose some quality


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