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I can help with improvising ingredients in meals and have over twenty years of cooking experience. I could help make meals more flavorful with spices and am good at stretching main meals to feed several people. Some favorites are baking cookies, muffins, pies and squares, but have not perfected yeast breads.

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I've worked in bakeries and taken cooking courses, but most of my experience is from years of cooking for my family and collecting and reading cookbooks.


Chef training, nutrition and diet modification.

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Barbara03/22/08101010Thanks- that was just what I needed!!

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2008-04-15 a Flower question:

I have never tried it but on the Pilsbury website they give us the go ahead so it must be alright. "Store flour in an airtight container in a cool place (75 F. or cooler). For longer storage, place flour

2008-01-10 over ripe bananas:

Hi Pam. For buttermilk, try adding a teaspoon of vinegar to a cup of regular milk. You can also use plain yogurt to replace sour cream. I hope that helps some.     I know what you mean about not having

2007-04-08 cooking a filet mignon whole roast:

To cook tenderloin, thaw it in the fridge for a couple days, season with salt and pepper and/or garlic and oil and roast in roasting pan in oven at 425 degrees to ensure browning. Make sure you trim any

2007-04-05 freezing Macaroni or potato salad dressing without the mayo:

Congratulations on your marriage! What you might want to consider doing is make up a dry herb mixture that will be an addition to the mayonnaise for the dressing and then you wouldn't need to freeze it

2007-04-01 plum jam:

To be honest I'm not experienced with making plum jam, but since you're in a hurry I found a couple recipes for you. The plum butter sounds better to me. If you're making jam from canned plums I'd definitely


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