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Specializing in the knowledge of MEDICAL FANTASY/FETISH video and pictures ONLY --- Please do not inquire about anything else.

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Females who are curious about "playing doctor" as either the patient or the doctor/nurse. I play doctor for real - not cyber!

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Thinking and fantasizing about various celebrities at the GYN appointment

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Princess Diana liked enemas!

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Alyssa04/05/13This guy is kinda a dick. Offers .....

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2012-04-09 costumes:

The Goodwill and other Thrift stores are great resources.  Other advice to make the shoot a success --- that's a prety broad question, so a broad answer would be, "The more you can control the shoot/variables

2012-02-14 Celebrity Erotica:

Generally, this is not my area of expertise -- but look into behavior modification strategies such as those used for smoking, gambling, alcoholism, masturbation, etc.  The bottom line is that you have

2010-09-29 Arousal during medical examination:

Hello, Alison:    I do not want to say that becoming aroused during a medical examination is "common"; however, just a few minutes spent browsing the Internet will suggest that you are not alone in your

2010-06-09 anal double fisting:

I am not sure how you want me to help you.  Sounds as though you ae quite experienced and --- if you can do one fist, you can do two fists --- although, I think you are probably eventually going to do

2010-05-23 Finding DENISE MILANI:

FIRST - please note that my "area of expertise" is in medical fantasy/medical fetish and roleplaying associated with such interests.  More about this, and associated pictures and videos can be found at


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