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Memorabilia (game-used jerseys).

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2016-05-27 football and hand cast:

Angie:    Firstly, I must say that I am not familiar with these, nor could I find any information on them.  Secondly, if they are indeed one of a kind, it would be impractical for me (and useless to you)

2015-01-01 john elway jersey:

Christina:    Some variation of the "Prestige" label was used on Wilson's jerseys from the late-80s (circa 1988) until at least the late-90s and were applied to both the teams' actual game jerseys (from

2014-12-16 Pony Express:

Checking my resources, I can confirm that there was no one named "Stacy" who was selected as part of the inaugural 1977 squad. As such this would most likely relegate her to either the 1978 and/or '79

2014-12-16 Pony Express:

Adam:  Do you know what year(s)...  1977, '78 or '79?  I don't have any individually identified photos of anyone named "Stacy" immediately on-hand, but I do have a "team" photo of the '78 squad available

2013-05-15 1991 Team signed Bronco Football:

Cheryl:    There are really so many things that go into valuation that it's hard to determine a more precise answer than what I've offered to others on this same topic...  The primary factor regarding


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