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Mary van Ede

South Africa

Anything related to chatting and communicating online.

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I have been chatting online on some platform (ie MXit, online dating, etc) for more than 15 years so am quite comfortable with the knowledge, emotions and safety aspects.


Matric. Business Admin.

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sana11/18/1310much appreciated :)
Earl10/01/13101010Thank you Mary.
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2016-05-13 Creep:

Hi there,    Thank you for your message.  Sorry that it has taken me so long to answer.    I'm sure it will be fine, however having said that - if you are underage, why are you on the site in the first

2015-07-30 WeChat and Andy Android:

HJi there Brent,    Thank you for the message.    At the end of the day this is more an IT related question than an online chatting question.  However, fortunately I have IT background as well.    Loading


Good morning,    Thanks for the message, apologies for the delayed response.    The problem with Facebook is that it is really a social networking site and either the majority of friends are actually acquaintances

2013-10-04 stop receiving inbox mail:

Good day,    Thank you for your message. However this is not an online chatting questions, it is more of an IT question.    I can however attempt to assist.    You don't say which version of Outlook you

2012-12-24 Chatting for wives:

Hi Ammu,    Thank you for the message.    The problem with chat rooms - regardless of whether they are perceived to be full of other women is that men will come on there and either pose as women or they


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