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Chinese language, culture, routine, manners and etc.

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Native Chinese speaker for 27 yrs. just spent a year in the States and came back to China. so i know something in both sides.


Bachelor's in Light Industry and Chemical Engineering. MBA

What do you like about this subject?

languages are bridges over the gaps between souls.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

i wanna be a Chinese teacher for foreigners

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

Chinese may have the most dialets in the world. people's accents are different from town to town, especially in the south, people from two neighbor towns may have troubles understanding each other. despite pronounciation diffs, all dialets can be written in the same chinese charactors and be understood by all.

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Szonja02/18/16101010Thank you for the perfect answer!
Szonja02/18/16101010Thank you for the perfect answer!
James03/16/14101010Thanks again!
James03/12/14101010Very, very helpful.
Veronica02/22/13101010Thank you very much. I appreciate your .....

Recent Answers from John J

2012-07-10 Translation of scroll:

Hi Tharon,    Yes, it is Chinese, but it is somehow difficult to recognize, especially the one in the lower left, partially due to the fact it's calligraphy and the painter must have written the characters

2012-05-31 Name?:

Hi Keith,    Are you asking about the characters of the seal in the red circle on the bottom-right corner? They don't seem to be the name of the painting. It says "Chinese Rock something". But cuz they

2012-05-27 First tattoo:

You are welcome!    The short answer is: it's a judgmental call. The long version of my answer: I'm afraid there's no simple answer to your question.     When we Chinese translate an English name to its

2012-05-27 First tattoo:

Hi Matt,    Congrats on your first born kid!!! I agree it's a wise thing to do to run the characters for the tattoo by some native speakers (like me) before it's a done deal.    The characters are for

2010-08-16 Picture translation:

Hi Thomas,    The four bigger characters on the right read "river bank winning scene", meaning beautiful scene on the river bank.    The three ones one the left read "Ji3 Chou3 year", indicating the year


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