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Author and songwriter; owner of Freedom Tracks Records, Nashville, Tennessee. Published three books available online at Can answer questions regarding the difference between Christianity and the historical Jesus and the differences between Christianity and what the Bible actually says. Extensive background in the Bible and biblical historical cultures. Lifetime student of history, biography and general sciences. Major sources of study include Encyclopedia Britannica, the Bible, Will Durant and many different world and American historians.

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Have written extensively about the differences between Jesus and Christianity and the differences between the Bible and Christianity. Author of three books and over 75 released songs.


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Self-educated; Extensive studies in Bible, ancient history, American history, general sciences and related studies; main sources include Encyclopedia Britannica, Will Durant and many different world and American historians. Information available at:

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2014-05-12 Aceldama:

I clearly explained to you that in First Century Jewish culture, the person who actually owns the money was most likely viewed as the "purchaser".  You are pretending that you can just yank a story out

2014-05-11 Aceldama:

You assume things about me that aren't true.  I am one of the leading critics of Christianity and I am not trying to defend it, nor am I a biblical apologist, nor do I believe that God needs anybody to

2014-05-10 Aceldama:

Several things in the Bible, including this example, don't necessarily contradict each other.  Rather, they give information from two different viewpoints of two different people and thus, a second recounting

2013-03-03 Christianity and AA:

Religion makes life too hard and complicated and, so do self-help programs.  I don't believe there are 12 steps to what can help us.  It is helpful to be with people and discuss and share our problems

2013-03-03 Christianity and AA:

I have never been to an AA meeting, so I am no qualified to say much about it.  Christianity is a religion that apparently didn't arise until after 90 AD, when the authors of the Bible had passed on and


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