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I have a good eclectic general knowledge of all aspects of 'Classic' movies , good or bad. My special interests are 'schlock' or 'cult' movies. I also have strong interests in the 'Horror' and 'Sci Fi' categories.

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I have had a strong interest in movies all my life and have always been 'train spotty' about all things film. I have watched and accumulated knowledge from thousands of films.

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Recent Answers from Braindump !

2007-08-27 Looking for name of a movie:

Denise    I think that the film you are refering to is :    The Enchanted Cottage (1945) Robert Young, Dorothy McGuire   <<< imdb link    I agree a lovely movie

2007-08-25 old movie:

Mary    I think that the movie that you are looking for is :    Tales of Manhattan (1942) with Chareles Boyer , Ginger Rogers, Henry Fonda, Charles Laughton, Edward G Robinson.    Below is the Internet

2007-08-23 Wine moments in film:

Sonja    I think the best way to approach this question is for you to look at some public domain movie sites etc   <<<<<   go to this site and do a search for 'wine'

2007-08-21 Best Films:

omid    The question is very vague so I am reticent to answer it in a general way.    My favourite films are often 'cult' or 'schlock' films .... you may not find them entertaining    Feel free to ask

2007-08-13 looking for a movie:

John    Bit too obscure for me unfortunately, I didnt quite understand the question ??    Need much more info :]    EG : who saw her and killed her ?  what sort of job did she have ? was it b&w film or


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