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I can answer most questions on drink recipes and wines. I can and will respond to all questions, and if I dont know the answer, I may be able to recommend a reference book or web site.

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I have been a bartender and purchaser of fine wines and spirits for several fine dining restaurants in Denver, Colorado, Keystone Colorado,San Diego, California, and Washington DC. I have been a mixologist in San Francisco, Washington DC and several locations in Colorado. I am in possession of several reference books on alcohol, and wines, and I have been a DUI officer with one police department and one Sheriffs Department.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

Every question I can answer, or explore increases my knowledge of the subject. So I must thank you for educating me.

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2015-03-02 Sherry:

Winemaker's Notes  The original cream sherry - a unique blend of classic old Oloroso wines, fine Amontillados, and high quality sweet wines. Bristol Cream tastes smoother and more complex than other Sherries

2013-04-01 Cocktails.:

1)  The FDA requires certain ingredients to ensure product safety. The reason? establishment goal of more money.    2)The pouch has a"use best by date" and it is sealed against contamination.    3) cocktails

2013-01-03 Glasses:

John,     Cocktail glasses come in four different basic types:  First, there are the glasses known as rocks glasses, also known as tumblers. These glasses are usually short and broad glasses, with straight

2013-01-02 Glasses:

John.  In order to answer your question to the best of your requirements, I would need to know what kind of drinker you are.    If you are a beer drinker, then you would need pilsner glasses,  If you are

2012-12-28 Coquito:

Coquito is a traditional punch served at Christmas and New Years celebrations. The drink is similar to eggnog with rum. This particular recipe does not call for raw eggs. Nor does it call for you to crack


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