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Liability Issues (Legal & Insurance) arising from coaching, playing, refereeing, product liability; Football injury cases.

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Liability Issues (Legal & Insurance) arising from coaching, playing, refereeing, product liability.




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Recent Answers from Vic Winnek

2017-01-01 Recovery of a muffed/mishandled punt:

Ken    The simple answer is Yes, but there are some aspects of the rule you should understand.     If the Kick returner -  Receiver has an opportunity to catch the kick after the muff, he must be given

2016-09-12 two point play:

Under NCAA rules it is a 2 point "Touchdown" for Team B and if the ball were intercepted in the end zone it remains live, it is not dead. High school rules are different the ball is dead when B gains possession

2016-01-03 2 pt. pat in overtime for college football:

Jim,    The simple answer is 1997.    The overtime tiebreaker system or Extra Periods was first adopted in 1996.  In February 1997 NCAA FOOTBALL RULES COMMITTEE APPROVED SAFETY-RELATED CHANGES and issued

2015-12-08 College football:

Dan,  Thank you for your question.  There are no field marking designed or required to establish or mandate where players are positioned during a kick off.   I can assume you are asking about "X" marks

2015-12-06 Off sides during on-side kick:

Jim  Thank you for your question. The short answer is no the rule does not reference any part of the body, it references "the player" which is interpreted to mean any part of the body.   Below is a more


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