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I am an expert on art for children. I believe in the process of art more than the finished product. I have written ten+ books on art for children, and have tons of ideas to share!

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Teaching degree in Elementary Education, own Bright Ring Publishing since 1985, published over ten books on the subject of art for children, present workshops around the USA and Europe on this topic.




Parenting Magazine, Early Childhood News, Scholastic "Let's Find Out"

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Recent Answers from MaryAnn F. Kohl

2014-12-17 CDA Test:

I've never taken this test so I have no idea. My specialty is creative art for children.  I suppose you should know some health and safety questions.   Something typical of various age-groups.   Whatever

2011-11-20 question about baby education/Part 2 answers:

Hi, Eli. It's true I know about art, and some about other areas of the arts, but I'm not quite skilled about how the arts impact a baby's development. I'm uncomfortable giving my opinion, because I really

2010-08-17 my son:

Make an appointment today. Get this cleared up. I don't know the rules of your school, but I would think this would be agreed upon before it happened. This may not be a bad thing for your child, but none

2010-07-29 Children's development:

I don't really understand the question. Five types of play? You mean like, quiet play, playing alone, playing in a group, playing a game, playing imagination, I 'm not sure what you mean. I am sorry I

2010-07-27 help:

Why don't you ask the kids? They will come up with something wonderful, they always do! Get them brainstorming verbally with you, and maybe even drawing.    Off the top of my head, I would make letters


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