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I can answer questions in various areas of child development including ages and stages, how to foster growth in the development of young children, what to look for in early childhood centers and in early childhood providers. and ways to stimulate a child`s natural curiosity. I am fully versed in the Creative Curriculum and teach CDA for all age groups.

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I have worked extensively in Early Childhood education leading extensive trainings for early childhood educators including the 120 hour National CDA program for both infant-toddler and preschool professionals. I have served in a variety of leadership roles throughout my career in early childhood, school-age and camp settings. in In my past role as a school-age child care Site Director, I planned, coordinated, and led activities for 40+ children. My responsibilities included the training and supervision of staff members. I also participated in the training, mentoring and supervision of high school students in an educational setting. Presently, I work in a faith based program as Director of Children's Ministries while continuing to work as a teacher in a school-age before and after school program.




I love to write. At this time, I have completed four faith-based children's books and hope to be published one day. My most recent work, titled "God's Table is For Me," is a rhyming pictorial book about Communion. Some of my original art ideas are included in "Primary Art" by MaryAnne F. Kohl.


I hold a B.A. degree in Education from Moravian College. My graduate work in Human Development and Community Counseling was completed at Lehigh University. Along with taking Theology classes at The Center for Lifelong Learning at the Drew Theological School, I completed a year long certificate program in Theology and Ministry at Princeton Theological Seminary.

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Gina03/18/16101010I appreciate your time answering my questions .....
Prashant S Akerkar06/25/12101010Dear Cindy Thank you. Thanks & Regards .....
Prashant S Akerkar06/25/12101010Dear Cindy Thank you. Thanks & Regards .....

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Hi Dawn,    First, what a caring teacher you must be to ask this! The children in your care are lucky!    Here is my answer and I hope it helps.    Approaches to learning:    Know development of children

2016-03-16 clean up time:

I think so. The cleaning up of your own area gives the child some ownership to the room as well as letting him/her prepare the area for another child who may want to go there. Now, if something is being

2016-03-16 Individual needs of children:

My supervisor always told me that this is one of my strengths! The only way you can do this is spend time with each child, getting to know him or her. With time, you will know where each child is, their

2016-03-16 ECE question:

Yes, it can be isolating if you let it become that. You  have to draw others into relationship....set up a meeting time each month to chat with peers about things going on in their classrooms. Invite others

2015-12-06 Childcare Industry:

Great question.     My area is curriculum and yes, indeed, it differs from program to program. If you came to America seeking an early childhood program, you would find many. Add to that the fact that


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