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I can answer questions about bonding with newborns, being an adoptive father, being a step father, issues regarding a large family (I have 6 children), positive interaction between dad and his children. I cannot answer questions regarding law nor can I answer questions about abuse. I have no experience in either area (other than the adoption of my wife's second child when he was 4 years old)

Experience in the area

My experience involves seventeen years as a father and my book, Fatherhood 101: Bonding Tips for Building Loving Relationships.


I am a boardmember of The Joy & Care-Giving Foundation Inc. a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation building schools in the Philippines.


Author of the book Fatherhood 101: Bonding Tips for Building Loving Relationships


I graduated from West Virginia State University May 16, 1981 with a degree in Business Management.

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jared10/04/15101010Michael, thank you for your reply. You .....
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Ini09/26/11101010thanks so much
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Recent Answers from Michael Ray King

2015-10-02 Sleepless nights:

Hello Jared,    Over the years, I've found it interesting how the bulk of questions I get are only tangentially  related to the child and most often the question lies with the adult relationships. First

2014-06-02 How do I build a bond with my son and deal with my mom and my girlfriend?:

Jaleel,    You make many excellent points about the issues here. Yes, your time with your son is vital in order to bond. With your extreme work schedule, this must be difficult. Unfortunately, you have

2012-09-06 4+ children:

Michael & Marie,    I commend the two of you for the foresight to consider these issues. From what you wrote, I see you are far ahead of many, if not most parents of multiple children.     While finances

2011-08-24 Fatherhood:

Hello Ini,    Since your son is moving in with you, even without the scenario you bring up, there will be adjustments. Your son will need to learn to 'share' time with you. Your new wife will need to learn

2011-02-23 Teasing:

First off let me clarify that I am not a psychologist. My area of expertise comes from being the father of six children and the research I did on my book Fatherhood 101. That being said, this is one of


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