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Hello. I am a doctor of psychology and am able to answer questions on fetishes. This covers the following areas 1. Why we are interested them? 2. Why do we need them? 3. Are they all good? 4. Are they all bad? 5. Should we be open with our partners about our fetish? I am not judgemental and will answer any question in a professional and courteous way

Experience in the area

I have spent over 20 years in the field of psychology, treating patients in age ranges from mid teens to senior citizens covering many behavioural problems from OCD, ADHD. I have also helped deliver CBT to individuals and groups


I have written for a number of forums and groups based in the UK and Europe.


I have a PhD in Psychology

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Derrick09/09/13101010I'm glad I talked about my problem .....
Cameron08/22/13101010Thanks for that realy detailed answer
Jane07/20/13101010Thank you for your help

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2014-02-26 nudity:

You are risking a criminal charge here of sexual harassment and a possible criminal record.  You need to talk to your maid in a non professional capacity and explain to her your feelings about her presence

2013-09-09 smoking fetish:

Hi Derrick  I am concerned that you have come off your meds for bipolar. I would suggest that you do have a conversation with your GP just to aware of what the situation is if you do continue away from

2013-09-08 smoking fetish:

Hi Derrick  An interesting question.  You do have a strong foundation about feelings for your mother your wife and ideas and pressure about what you should and shouldn't do. In psychological terms this

2013-07-29 Foot Fetish !:

Hi Lance  Battling depression is an issue that must take priority over other things. So do concentrate on that with positive approaches in life.    How can you go about ending this fetish? You fear it

2013-07-15 Naked fat girls:

An interesting question indeed.  He doesn't want to change his fantasy about the larger woman and you want him to.  Now for the part called compromise.  He is with you, not a large woman. He takes you


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