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If your fetish involves gear I can take it on. From electrosex to medical play I'll give you the best shot I can. I deal with some of the strangest things on an everyday basis and would be glad to help answer any question you might have, no matter how crazy or mundane. *New* If you're under 18, I'm no longer answering your questions. I understand that most people lose their virginities before they're 18, and that getting good advice, or even treated seriously as a sexual being can be problematic, but I'm not comfortable that the 12 year olds or such who are asking questions are always really 12 year olds and not strange old men or FBI agents. So, for any underage kids thinking of asking questions, here's my response up front: Use condoms (you aren't ready to have sex if you can't buy condoms), and don't do anything you're uncomfortable with.

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I'm here as a representative of www.eXtremeRestraints.com. We're one of the biggest online BDSM and fetish gear retailers in the world. We carry just about everything you could possibly be into. We spent a lot of time finding quality kink gear to carry and make sure that it's all high quality and consistently satisfying, so we should know our stuff.


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Sadie11/19/141010It was never a "fad" or anything .....
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So, relationship-wise, you don't need a lot of people. Also, people do lots of dumb stuff in their younger years that they're not super proud of. Scars just stick with you more. Don't treat it like a huge

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Hey Russell,    This is tough. Even the same size is inconsistent across brands. Other customers may not care that their toes are crushed. Still, with brand to brand size differences, you may just need

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I could offer you things like dental gags: http://www.extremerestraints.com/medical-gags_152/jennings-dental-mouth-gag_46.h, but what you really have to do is think through what turns you on. Is it

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Women who are into your fetish are going to be impossible to find if you don't look and put yourself out there. I'd recommend joining Fetlife, becoming part of AB/DL communities, and finding a way to meet


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