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I can answer most questions relating to the Orlando theme parks, including some vacation planning tips that won`t drain your bank account... also have some basic answers to hotels and restaurants, too.. feel free to ask anything, though.. if I don`t know it, I can find it out...

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Just a lifetime of vacations to Florida... Orlando is my favorite area in the SE to visit...

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Recent Answers from Thumper D

2010-08-03 Time to visit Orlando:

Chandy...    ANY time after school starts is a good time... Last of September is perfect.. weather is cooling off, and they are starting the Not SO Scary Halloween Party at the Magic Kingdom... I would

2010-08-02 Odd choice of Parks + Belz?:

Hey, JP...    Yeah, you are not gonna find a package that includes both Disney and the Universal/Sea World stuff... they are competitors... There is a Prime outlet back up I-4 from Disney World, just about

2010-06-11 Orlando Weather:

Elle..    It's usually the occasional shower, unless there's some sort of hurricane pattern coming through the area... but I will tell you this.. be prepared for it to be HOT... and I mean WHOOO HELP ME

2010-04-26 family trip:

Laronda...    Predicting rain in central Florida is like trying to guess a coin flip.... my best opinion is to go and enjoy... if it rains, just throw on a light rain jacket and keep on going.... if it's

2010-02-09 orlando weather 3/1-3/7:

Karen...    I would pack for comfortable and slightly chilly at night... shorts, long sleeve t-shirts, maybe some light jeans... You might run into a bit of rain, but it generally won't last long.... def


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