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I answer all kinds of grandparenting questions, give ideas on how to interact and be a positive influence with grandchildren ages 3-12.

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I have raised three children who are now raising 11 of my grandchildren. Everyone should have the experience of being a Grandparent before they are a Parent,it is so much more fun! I live in the area of 5 of my grandchildren and I have experience teaching them how to cook, clean up after themselves and give happy, first time obedience. This flows over into their own homes and often helps with relations between the in-laws. I have experience using The Happy Face Token System and offer ideas for variations and adaptations with the token economy concept.


From Combat Zone to Love at Home: The Happy Face Token System


Raised three happy and healthy children who are now raising children.

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"I've listened to the [CD]and read the book,and really got a lot of ideas. I already use sort of the same system but I call it "Nana Bucks". The kids get paid for good behavior, chores, etc. Seems to work but I'm incorporating some more of your ideas in it."

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Recent Answers from Debbie Preece

2016-03-20 Absent Grandparents:

Hi Sharon,  I'm sorry you are having issues with your parents.  I guess you are at a point where you have to choose your battles.  Your parents are giving you what you asked for, in that they choose NOT

2014-05-20 Grandparenting:

Hi Camille,  I'm sure it hurts your feelings to see your daughter treated this way as well.  I was a shy girl also so I can relate to some of the things you talk about.  I had a mother the same way as

2013-08-10 Babysitting grandsons:

Hi Lisa,  I can understand your frustration.  I am in your corner.  My children tried to tell me what a "Grandma should do" too.  I just laughed and told them I determine what I want to do as a Grandma

2013-04-18 Need help with my grandson:

Hi Susan,  It sounds like this young man has been enabled too long.  It's time for him to grow up and live in the big world on his own so he can appreciate what he has.  We all moved out, on our own, with

2012-12-17 Daughter-in-Law accusing Grandparents of Favoritism of Natural Grandson over Step Grand-daughters:

Hi Cynthia,  Even though you can "see as an outsider"  it takes time to establish a new family.  The girls are used to being by themselves and they are older siblings.  Older siblings normally give grief


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