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Kiran Paranjape


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I can answer all the questions regarding Translations into Sanskrit, Hindi, Marathi & Gujarati languages. I also can answer grammatical queries on Sanskrit. Also about tattoo making & designing.

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I have dong translations for my own blog site : for last 3 years. I am voluntary moderator on Sanskrit forum where I have answered all kinds of questions about Sanskrit.


I am a native speaker of Hindi & Marathi & have more than 5 years experience in doing translations.

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LaH.02/01/16101010I really appreciate your quick answer, thank .....
Michelle08/06/15101010Thank you!!! Blessings.
Sam Cole06/23/15It is not easy to type hindi .....
Sam Cole06/23/15 

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2014-12-01 Question:

मनुष्य सिर्फ उस के विचारों की निर्

2014-08-31 Translation Hindi:

मैं रास्ता ढढूंगी या फिर बनाऊंगी  अ

2014-08-27 Translation Hindi:

Spoken by a male or a female?  ----------------------------------------  Webmaster-Translations:

2013-10-16 Kashmir:

Kashmir is northern most state in India and   I have translated it as it is spoken in Hindi.    However, Hindi uses Devanagari [Script of City of Gods]  which is a phonetic script i.e. names are written

2013-10-15 Kashmir:

The correct spelling for the word is कश्मीर


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