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I've been studying the early medieval period for almost 20 years. In particular, I've studied the fall of the Roman Empire, the barbarian invasions/migrations, early barbarian law codes, the early medieval church, technology of the period, military campaigns and tactics, and some of the early barbarian dynasties, especially the Merovingians in Gaul (France).

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Twenty years of self study. I also write historical fiction of this era.


Bachelor's degree.

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Neil 10/05/16101010Thanks for the reply much appreciated
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2016-10-03 identification:

Hi Neil,  A couple of things occur to me.  1. The patina or discoloration, being redish brown suggests something far newer than the Middle Ages. As iron rusts it turns reddish brown like you see here but

2016-08-04 question.:

Hi Sam,  Try these websites:    http://www

2015-02-02 Medieval "Tax" & "Role of a Sheriff":

Hi Marla,  A sheriff's job hasn't changed that much in the last 8-900 years. The sheriff was a law enforcement officer, usually at county level, or in England they call them shires. When he wasn't enforcing

2014-12-06 General medieval question about pages/squires:

Hi Heather,  Pages were deliberately assigned to the lady of the castle so that they would learn obedience, manners, courtesy, and respect. Squires were reintroduced to the world of men and were trained

2014-10-03 Castles:

Hi Derek,    Eilean Ponan Castle, Scotland  Blackness Castle, Scotland  Stalker Castle, Scotland  Corfe Castle, England  Conwy Castle, Wales  Chepstow Castle, Wales  Denbigh Castle, Wales  Bamburgh Castle


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