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I would be happy to take on questions on the period between 300 B.C.E and A.D. 1200. I would prefer not to answer specific questions on philosophers nor Greek culture.

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I have a degree in History, with cognates in Western Civilization, Art and Museum Studies. A part-time employee at a regional museum, as well as unpaid assistant to a professor of Anthropology. My pen and ink sketches of artifacts excavated on an archaeological dig, in which I participated, are part of a report to the Huron-Manastee Forest Service(I have travelled Europe ( My own heritage is British-Carribean), and have an extensive home library.


I have a degree in History, with additional credits in related as well as other topics.


I have a degree in History, with additional credits in related as well as other topics.

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Continue to study history, art and languages

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Knights did not wear full body armour until the 15th century!

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There is no record of Jesus' life being extraordinary in Roman or Jewish records!

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Recent Answers from Deborah James

2016-08-04 medieval question:

Sam, Here is are videos that may be helpful.  One covers early means of exchange and barter, through the fairly modern use of money.    I suggest you watch these videos in their entirty.

2014-12-06 general medieval question:

Hello Heather,   Since a squire was of noble birth, he would probably have been afforded good accommodations in proximity to the knight and may have owned a horse.  It is difficult to say, depending on

2014-01-05 History in kashmir india:

Hello Sanaa,  This sounds very much like a homework question, and there really is no easy answer.  A dynasty, as you probably know, refers to  generations, so decline happened over a period of time. Decline

2013-05-23 Midieval outfit:

Hello Kevin, Sorry I couldn't get to your question earlier, but I had late classes tonight.  I believe the answer to your question is SURCOAT.  They differed a bit in style from court to court, but were

2011-01-26 Malaria during the crusades:

Hello Catriona,  Other than the Black Death/Plague, famine/starvation, wound infection, I don't know much about the ailments of the Crusaders.  As you probably know, Malaria is caused by parasites, and


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