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Ask me general questions about Location Recording, foley, ADR, Pro Tools, recording musical performance, post production for film/video & music. Specific gear questions may or may not be answerable as I don't own or have not worked with everything out there.

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Certified Audio Engineer, Pro Tools Certified, Have experience with : Pro Tools (LE & TDM systems) Sony Suite (Vegas, Acid, Sound Forge) Waves Plugins (RTAS & TDM) Over 20 years live music recording and FOH mixing Feature & short film audio Mixing for 5.1 surround




Audio Recording Technology Institute - C.A.E. Vancouver Film School - Digidesign Certified User

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See my online resume @ http://imdb.com/name/nm2301451/resume for client listings

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One of the big myths in the world of digital audio is that one cable "sounds" better than another. The truth is digital audio is a bitstream of 1's and 0's. I was part of an experiment where we attached RCA plugs to a piece of steel coat hanger wire. It worked perfectly, and our "blind" ears (who we told it was an expensive "digital" cable) actually said it sounded better.

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James10/17/13101010If that's the only way I guess .....
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Recent Answers from Wayne Tapia

2015-11-24 Pan trouble:

Are you using both inputs on the Starlette? You will need to be using both, as the inputs are NOT stereo inputs. If you can get 2 RCA to 1/4" TS cables (or use standard RCA cables with this type of adapter: http://i00

2014-12-26 type of mic - record:

I don't know about this specific mic, but I can give you some general advice...    Uni-directional means that sound enters the mic from a very focused area. A google search for "microphone pickup patterns"

2014-12-16 pro tools express:

You should be able to go to a view that shows the volume level for each track in the edit window ( represented by a line) . Add edit points to the line at each end of the parts you want adjusted, and you

2014-12-15 pro tools express:

While I'm not 100% sure, as I haven't seen what features are available with PT Express, you should be able to highlight the portion of the region in question, and the adjust the highlighted area.   Another

2014-10-26 phono to TRS:

You will want a cable that goes from an RCA to a 1/4" TS connector, as the 1/4" jack on the speakers accepts unbalanced connections.    Alternatively, you can use a female RCA/male 1/4" TS adapter with


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