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Questions regarding HTPC integration to home theaters, and general purchasing advice regarding home theater and audio systems, including headphones. Please no car audio or over the top PA systems.

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General enthusiast, ~10 years as an audio and electronics hobbyist


Engineering student, various DIY experiences, personal hobby

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Recent Answers from Bobbert

2016-11-21 speakers:

The easiest answer is, if you're happy with the sound you currently have, stick with it.     To elaborate on your questions:    - Speakers have gotten less expensive in recent years as retail models have

2016-07-23 Purchasing Advice:

Apart from the extra HDMI input on the JU6500 I'm not seeing any significant differences - both are 4K displays, both offer 4K upscaling, both offer digital and analog audio outputs, and both are essentially

2016-07-06 plasma/4k:

I'll try to itemize my responses - hopefully this will be easier to work through, but if you have questions or need clarification, feel free to post a follow-up asking for more info.     1) You're comparing

2016-04-06 Portable 3D DVD player:

I can't say that I'm aware of any portable "laptop style" (or "clamshell style") 3D Blu-ray players, however Sony has offered a range of 3D-compatible head-mounted displays that support 3D for some time

2016-03-11 surround sound:

I would agree with your first line of reasoning about 5.1 - it seems pretty well entrenched largely for the reasons you point out: it is compatible with the majority of surround sound installations the


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