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Questions regarding HTPC integration to home theaters, and general purchasing advice regarding home theater and audio systems, including headphones. Please no car audio or over the top PA systems.

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General enthusiast, ~10 years as an audio and electronics hobbyist


Engineering student, various DIY experiences, personal hobby

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James02/23/17101010Well that sucks.

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2017-02-19 Projector:

Yes - like a camera's aperture. An electrochromatic panel could not respond fast enough or with fine enough control, and it would also damage color reproduction and contrast (as it would get "darker" relative

2017-02-15 Projectors:

Generally these kinds of features, at least on more modern hardware, work fairly well, but will experience more "erratic" results with video material that strays from the mainstream - some videogames (especially

2017-02-13 Small TVs:

Yes. The title is kind of a nightmare, but yes that is a single port extractor. I dislike the power design of that device, as it relies on USB power, and does not appear to include its own AC adapter,

2017-02-12 Small TVs:

From my previous reply:    "As far as what to purchase, I'd suggest a Vizio model, the D24:  https://www.vizio.com/tvs/dseries/d24d1.html    Or you could go with a comparable LG, the 24LF4820:  http://www

2017-02-09 Small TVs:

All of the displays I linked had headphone outputs - no adapter should be required for conventional headphones.    -bob  


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