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Author and songwriter; owner of Freedom Tracks Records, Nashville, Tennessee. Published three books available online at Can answer questions regarding the difference between Christianity and the historical Jesus and the differences between Christianity and what the Bible actually says. Extensive background in the Bible and biblical historical cultures. Lifetime student of history, biography and general sciences. Major sources of study include Encyclopedia Britannica, the Bible, Will Durant and many different world and American historians.

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Hands on experience helping the homeless. Have done extensive research on Human and Civil Rights, major historical figures relating to such and how Human Rights relate to the modern American experience. Author of 3 books and over 75 released songs.


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Self-educated; Extensive studies in Bible, ancient history, American history, general sciences and related studies; main sources include Encyclopedia Britannica, Will Durant and many different world and American historians. Information available at:

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2014-09-10 Human Rights:

To answer your last question first, no I am not familiar with that book.    What today are called "human rights" have their basis in our shared human conscience.  Similar base laws against murder, adultery

2014-02-26 Human Rights:

There is overwhelming evidence human rights are granted by God, written on our conscience, as similar golden rules and similar basic laws against murder, adultery, theft and false witness appear all over

2014-02-26 Human Rights:

I'll try to take these one at a time, because they represent different issues:    ONE:  As far as you being a human being, modern scientists do not agree with each other what actually defines a true modern

2013-12-17 girls hitting:

Women can say they feared a physical attack, claiming this is why they used force against a male.  Whether or not this is true, is a matter of what is called "he said/she said", which is essentially unwinnable

2013-11-19 law suite:

You always should consult a lawyer regarding any legal issue.  It is not wise to take legal advice over the internet or from someone not familiar with your particular place of residence.  I recommend you


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