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I can handle any query related to the history, tradition, folklore, culture, people, places of India in Asia. Am particularly interested in education at all levels - school, college, university.

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4 decades in a country with 5000 years of history, that speaks 1600 dialects, and has a population of 1.2 billion.


BA (Psychology), MBA

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India is no longer a land of magicians and snake charmers, it is a unique blend of the traditional with the ultra modern.

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2016-12-02 Query re title of old Indian myth-story:

Hi Geoffrey,    Here is the story along with the author and publisher details :    It can be

2015-09-22 Question:

Hello Christina,    People in India use gram to measure weight.  A gram is a unit of mass in the Metric System. The symbol for gram is g. There are 1,000 grams in a kilogram. The symbol for kilogram is

2015-08-26 information:

Hi Arlene    These wooden pieces are hand crafted and normally used as incense stick holders.

2015-04-30 Origin of the Indian word 'Arey':

Hello Joanne,    Yes, it's a Hindi word. I couldn't find much on the etymology and sorry for that. From few elders I've been able to gather info that it's a new addition and colloquial, almost like an

2015-04-16 ancestry and gotra:

Extremely sorry Abhilasha,    But my friends and acquaintances who are Punjabis haven't been able to say with certainty what gotra do they belong to.    Am keeping this open and research continues, will


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