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I can answer all sorts of questions about MUDding, MUD programming, MUD developement, and more. I administrate two of my own MUDs, and play on several others, so I have lots of knowledge in this area. I know about object, mob, room, and zone coding, and I also know all mud aspects, game play strategies, and newbie help. Want a good new MUD to build on? I can help you there too.

Experience in the area

I have experience with SMAUG, ROM, DIKU, Circle, VME, and other MUD engines and servers. The two muds I run are SMAUG and Circle based, but I can help with developement and playing of any MUD out there.


I am the CEO of Vortex Industries, running Vortex and HellFire MUD.

What do you like about this subject?

I like the fact that the possibilities are unlimited when you're creating or even just playing on a MUD. You can create your own reality and escape from the one you're living in.

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Stacey Ward10/26/04101010Awesome... thanks for all your help, I .....

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2007-01-11 Made it to the body:

It's been a while since I've played through that part, but there's a large pile of things you have to do for him to tell you that you have all the evidence. Have you...  -Gotten the suspects' fingerprints?

2007-01-03 Agatha Christie Murder on The Orient Express:

Hey Courtney,  It's pretty simple. Not far off from the goat, there's the two men which you had to give the bowl/pottery sample to. (Err and if you haven't already, you need to give them the Kutahya bowl

2004-10-19 MUDs:

Hey Brennan,  A lot of my favorite muds seem to have dimminished in size, (mostly due to the very experienced players leaving..) but these are the muds that I would reccomend:    1. Valhalla MUD - valhalla


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