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I can help those who are new to the virtual world of Second Life and need some friendly guidance in any of its functionality and operations. I can also answer questions on running businesses and services in Second Life which includes the creation and design of custom animations, poses and textures. I have many years of experience in exploring and using Second Life for both pleasure and profit. I have no experience in World of Warcraft or any other online world.

Experience in the area

I've created several different successful businesses in Second Life. This involves a working knowledge of Second Life marketing skills and techniques. I design and build targeted products, then market and sell them in the virtual world. These businesses were all started out from scratch and have all build up their own brand names and identities.


I have written several UK magazine articles on Virtual Worlds and Second Life in particular.


I have spent over 20 years in the commercial IT business after which I moved into a teaching role. I am now retired from working as a tutor in IT at various Colleges of Education around the UK.

Awards and Honors

I have a BSc. in Applied Physics and have advanced ECDL qualifications in Microsoft Office.

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