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I can answer questions relating in depth to: Maple Story, Creature World, Mobs Law. I may be able to answer (but cannot guarantee) answers to a wide range of other internet games.

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I have played MMORPGs and MUDs as well as lots of other games for many years.


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Shane09/30/10101010I read someone's story about their experience .....
Julia05/30/091010hmm.. didnt seem to help, as it's .....

Recent Answers from Susannah

2010-11-29 Downloading games w purchased key:

Hi David,    It's ONLY legal if the person who sold you the key hadn't already used it themselves and hadn't copied or obtained it legally.    However I'd be very wary of trusting the validity of a CD

2010-11-20 asking for maple story:

It sounds like you either have a problem with your graphics card or your graphics card is not of high enough quality to run the game.    Have you tried rebooting? (This means shutting down the computer

2010-09-29 Online game:

Hi again Shane,    I'm not sure if this will help but it's the best information I can find.    The game doesn't have a give and take trading system.    You can only give - and giving can be used defensively

2010-09-28 Online game:

Hi Shane,    No I have not played it but I'm fairly good with finding out information - if there's an answer out there I can usually track it down.    Susannah

2010-08-20 Playing Counter Strike Online:

Hi Nour,    Basically a ping is a piece of information sent from your computer to the game server. The ping test is a way of checking if your computer is fast enough to play the game. If the ping takes


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